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Founded in 2009 by Israel Arroyo, Jr. (GySgt USMC Res.), Stealth Entry has come a long way from its beginnings. Taking a pragmatic approach (developed during his time in the military), Mr. Arroyo began helping businesses and government agencies get on the right path for their Cyber Security needs. While the path has not been easy due to many misconceptions of what a Cyber Security Professional is, he has forged ahead and built the company into what it is today. Understanding our customers’ requirements is imperative to our success, and every effort is made to assist the clients in meeting their objectives. By doing so, Stealth Entry acts as a trusted and reliable partner fulfilling your Cyber Security and network architecture needs.

Our Services

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment's

Stealth Entry’s exceptional analysts will identify your exposure to risks and vulnerabilities and provide  a quantitative analysis of all findings.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Stealth Entry will discover vulnerabilities and design mitigating or compensating security measures before deployment, reducing your risk exposure and improving your security baseline.

Software Development

Stealth Entry’s Developers will overhaul your application’s and services and increase your companies talent pool while working toward the same goal.

Our Products


As part of our Proprietary Rapid-IQ Solution we have integrated our own secure IoT capability to monitor, detect, identify, alert and manage both authorized and unauthorized IoT devices on your network. We ensure devices that have connected to your network are identified and accounted for all within Rapid – IQ platform

Rapid - IQ AI Platform

Rapid – IQ is our patent-pending proprietary real-time facility management engine utilizing live-feed processing with Artificial Intelligence with military style Geo-Fenced positioning to provide an analytical, and procedural 3-D overview for law enforcement, Military, or First Responders.

Intellichain ™

Stealth Entry’s Patented Blockchain Encryption solution to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data in transit and at rest! Our technology provides the power of the Blockchain, Smart contracts to ensure integrity and non repudiation of transactions, as well as data dissemination, data governance and identity management

Cybersecurity As A Service
In a few easy steps, you can have a customized cyber security solution tailored to your needs






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