Cyber Security Services

How our solutions protect and secure

Rapid - IQ

Stealth Entry's Rapid IQ platform is a holistic facility management platform with AI Capabilities. Utilizing existing IP camera feeds, Rapid - IQ has the capability to detect and alert on various objects, such as firearms that can assist in preventing a loss of life scenario. Among other features such as rich and extensive security implementations with connectivity to numerous IOT devices. See how Rapid - IQ can assist today.

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Stealth Entry’s Patented Blockchain Technologies assist in multiple facets, From Payment card processing, to Immediate data decentralization and failovers in Geo-Redundant clusters see how Intellichain can assist your organization reduce overhead costs of on premise and secure your data in a decentralized manner.

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Secure IoT

Stealth Entry’s Secure IoT Implementations and utilization within Rapid-IQ platform allow for encrypted transmission of data, voice, and video streams utilizing our Patented blockchain technologies, Utilizing a CMK (Customer Managed Key) approach for securing end to end all data streams.

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